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PomeGreat PurePlus Light Juice Drink

Depending on which articles you read, pomegrantes are frequently cited as having superfood properties. They're full of antioxidants which can help prevent certain cancers for example. However, pomegranates must be one of the most awkward fruits to eat.

If you haven't the patience to pick out all those little seeds, you can still reap some health benefits by drinking pomegranate juice. Pomegranates are naturally quite sweet, but many pomegranate juices have added sugar as well. This increases the calorie content.

PomeGreat have a lovely juice drink called PomeGreat PurePlus Light. This has 30% less calories than the other drinks in their range and is sweetened with the natural sweetener, Stevia.

PomeGreat PurePlus is a juice drink, which means it’s also mixed with water and isn't just the juice. Drinking pure pomegranate juice has around 70 calories per 100ml, but PomeGreat Light has 33.9 calories (to be precise) per 100ml. This compares with PomeGreat Chilled Pomegranate Juice Drink which has 53 calories per 100ml.

This drink is delicious, very refreshing and easy to drink. It’s great that they’re using Stevia as a sweetener too, as it’s a natural sweetener.

Here’s part of the message written on the side of the pack:
'When our sophisticated Byzantine pomegranates met their South American pomegranate friends on holiday they were told about a plant called Stevia. Parts of their leaves are 200 times sweeter than sugar but with no calories! Our pomegranates almost fell out of their trees as they would only ever mix with other desirable and natural ingredients like themselves.'

This is a chilled drink so you can find it in the chiller cabinets with the fruit juices.

If you're after a lower calorie pomegranate juice, you could try some of the Sainsbury’s range – see this post.

Nutrition information per 100ml: 33.9 calories, 0.2g protein, 7.5g carbohydrate, 7.5g sugars, 0.1g fat, <0.1g saturates, 0.5g, <0.05g salt.

Ingredients: Water, fruit juices from concentrate 37% (pomegranate 32%, aronia berries), natural fruit sugars, natural flavours, sweetener steviol glycosides, 100% natural pomegranate extract.
Free from artificial colours, sweeteners, flavourings and preservatives.


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