Monday, 24 December 2012

Original Melba Toasts, Van der Meulen

Melba toast is the ideal type of food to include in a calorie controlled diet. Because they’re so thin, they have very few calories, averaging around 12-14 calories per slice.

Melba toast is traditionally made by toasting a piece of bread, then carefully slicing it through the middle to create two thin slices. The other side is then toasted, with the resulting slices becoming very dry and crunchy.

Although Melba toast is easy enough to make yourself, there are many ready made varieties all packed up and ready to go. These Original Melba Toasts are produced by Van der Meulen, a Dutch family of bakers who have been dedicated to making masterfully delicious bakery products for four generations.

Van der Meulen baked melba toasts are low in fat and have 12.9 calories each to be very precise. Since they are extremely dry, their taste and texture is best enjoyed accompanied by a flavoursome dip. For example, a red pepper or coriander, reduced fat houmous.

Inside each 100g box are five individually wrapped packs of 5 melba toasts as shown in the photo below. 
Wrapped packs of 5 melba toasts
Van der Meulen Melba toasts can be found in branches of Waitrose or Ocado online.

Nutrition Information: Per slice: 12.9 calories, 2.5g carbohydrates, 0.08g sugars, 0.08g fat, trace saturates, 0.15g fibre, trace sodium.

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