Sunday, 2 December 2012

Jordans Breakfast Multigrain Bars Review

The choice of breakfast bars and biscuits may soon equal the number of traditional cereals available. Last week I discovered yet another new offering, this time from Jordans.

Jordans, of course, are already a prominent name in the cereal and snack bars area, so it comes as no surprise to see a breakfast bar included in their repertoire.

There are currently three varieties to choose from: Maple Syrup & Tasty Pecans (154 calories), Cranberry & Raspberry (143 calories) and Fruit & Nut (157 calories).

The bars are made with 47% wholegrain cereals including oat flakes, barley flakes, wheat flakes, oat flour and toasted wheat flakes. Each variety also has its own addition of fruit or nuts.
Maple Syrup & Tasty Pecans
Juicy Fruits & Sliced Almonds

I purchased the ‘Maple Syrup & Tasty Pecans’ and these are sweetened with chopped dates, glucose syrup, raw cane sugar, maple syrup and honey. They also contain 4% chopped pecan nuts.

A quote from the box:

‘We don't advocate skipping breakfast, but if you're on the run and don't have time to stop for a bowl of cereal then these Breakfast Bars will keep you going. Made from a combination of juicy fruit & tasty nuts mixed with our special blend of 'Nature Friendly' wholegrain oats, wheat and barley, they will satisfy your taste buds too.’
The Maple flavour breakfast bar is sticky and chewy with a delicious maple taste throughout. They’re quite substantial bars and you can see all the wholegrain cereals quite clearly. Because they contain wholegrains and have a reasonable amount of fibre, they should help sustain your appetite for a while. But with just 154 calories, possibly not too long a while! The sugar content may also give you a bit of a sugar rush.

Multigrain Bar - Maple & Pecan
While they taste absolutely gorgeous, I wasn't too keen on eating something so sticky first thing in the morning, mainly because I was so conscious of the sugar on my teeth. If this is designed as a breakfast bar, it’s probably meant to be eaten on the run, whilst travelling or at work etc. which would imply you would already have cleaned your teeth!

Jordans Maple & Pecan Breakfast Bar
So, in hindsight, I’d prefer to eat this type of bar as a snack later in the day.

Jordan's Breakfast Multigrain Bars are available in boxes of 6 x 40g individually wrapped bars. Found in Sainsbury’s.

Nutrition Information per 40g bar: (Maple Syrup & Tasty Pecans) 154 calories, 2.5g protein, 26.8g carbohydrate, 10.1g sugars, 3.7g fat, 0.7g saturates, 2.0g fibre, trace salt. Suitable for vegetarians.

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