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How Lobster Can Help You Lose Weight

If you’re planning on indulging in a bit of lobster this Christmas, it’s good to know this is one food the weight conscious amongst us can enjoy without any guilt.

For a bit more on how to do this, the following article written by guest poster Maria Stewart, shows us the healthiest way to indulge in lobster, not just during the festive season, but any time of the year.

How Lobster Can Help You Lose Weight

Foodies are often caught in a fix of striking a balance between digging into all things tasty while at the same time being health conscious with an aim to losing weight.

Now one cannot possibly be a health freak and gorge on good food at the same time. There! They fall into the trap and are unable to resist. Foodies know that good food is a ‘too hard to resist’ temptation, but unfortunately they cannot indulge. Primarily this is because they wish to shed their weight while looking after their health. Are all foodies complaining because of this?

Don’t worry because good news is around the corner. If meat is something that you need to strike off your menu completely in order to maintain an hour glass figure, there is one thing in store for you that you can indulge in without having to count your calories. That is lobster! Yes lobster has a fair share of nutrition in it that even health freaks can enjoy with great aplomb. Still sounds unbelievable? Well let us explore.

The trick to lower calorie lobster

The traditional way of cooking lobster on any special occasion would be to either steam or boil the crustacean and then serve it in the shell itself. The add-ons would usually be a hot bowl of herb infused butter.

Here comes a little correction. For those wishing to lose weight, simply do away with the bowl of herb infused butter. If you manage to do that then you are all set to dig into the lobster indulgence. According to the US Department of Agriculture, one cup of lobster when cooked in moist heat only has 129 calories and 1.25gm fat.

These facts make lobster one of the best options available for health freaks and foodies to go for it, AND lose weight. Just remember to stay away from the dollops of butter that come as an accompaniment for this dish.

Did you know?

Lobster is a good source of protein. The US Department of Agriculture has calculated how much protein intake one gets in a cup full of lobster. And guess what they found? A cup full of lobster cooked to perfection boasts of 27.55gms of protein. So yes, lobster does make an excellent option for those wishing to shed the extra kilos and flaunt their hour glass figure.

So dig into your platter of lobster and forget about counting calories because cooked the healthy way, they won’t make you gain weight.

Author Bio: The author of this article, Maria Stewart knows how to strike a balance between indulging in good food and at the same time not gaining extra calories. She feels the best option to enjoy the best of both worlds would be lobster and she urges all foodies to dig into the temptation that lobster offers.

Note: Lobster is high in sodium and potassium, so if you're on a sodium or potassium restricted diet, you may need to compensate elsewhere in your diet.


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