Sunday, 11 November 2012

Weight Watchers Fruit Crumble Biscuits

Sticking to a diet is so much easier these days. The choice of lower calorie snacks is enormous, and with brands like Weight Watchers continually expanding their range, you need never be bored while losing weight.

If you like jam tarts then you'll probably enjoy these Fruit Crumble Biscuits from Weight Watchers. There are two varieties: Apple, Blueberry & Raspberry and Apple, Apricot & Peach. Each has 2 ProPoints and 89 or 90 calories respectively.

Weight Watchers Fruit Crumble Biscuits are described as:

'Apple, blueberry and raspberry / Apple, apricot and peach jam on a crumbly biscuit base, topped with crunchy flakes.'

When opening the wrapper there's an unmistakably fruity, baked pastry aroma reminiscent of a bakery store. The biscuit part is similar to a pastry base, not too crisp or crunchy like a biscuit but slightly softer. The jam filling is sticky and quite firm.

Overall, this is definitely a good choice for those who want something a bit more than a biscuit but whose calorie allowance doesn't quite stretch to the cake shop.

Weight Watchers Fruit crumble biscuits are individually wrapped and packed into boxes of 5 x 22.5g bars.

They’re available in larger supermarkets.

Nutrition Information per biscuit (22.5g) apple, blueberry & raspberry: 89 calories, 0.8g protein, 15.4g carbohydrates, 10.2g sugars, 2.4g fat, 1.2g saturates, 1.1g fibre, 0.1g salt. Suitable for vegetarians. Free from artificial colours and preservatives. A source of fibre.

Manufactured in Holland for Walkers Shortbread Ltd under licence of Weight Watchers International Inc.


  1. I tried these a while ago, can't remember which flavour I tried but I found them quite sweet and think I had to give away the rest of the box! I think I tried one on it's own and then another as a dessert with a little low fat custard.

    1. They are very sweet, that's true. Personally I'm not crazy about jam fillings in biscuit type snacks, but my older kids like them so they've finished them off quite happily.



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