Sunday, 18 November 2012

Tesco Free From Digestive Biscuits

Tesco’s range of ‘Free From’ foods are made for people who can’t tolerate certain ingredients, for example, wheat, gluten or milk. I came across Tesco’s Free From Digestive Biscuits while searching for something else. Since each biscuit has 45 calories I decided to try them out.

Although I don’t have any food intolerances (that I’m aware of), I was interested to see what they tasted like. The ingredients state they’re made with gluten free oat flour, cornflour, soya flour with the usual raising agents as well as golden syrup.

I was pleasantly surprised by these biscuits. They've got a soft, crunchy texture (unlike ginger nuts). Although they’re made from oat flour, they don’t have the same graininess of oat biscuits. And for me the flavour is the best bit. A bit like malted milk biscuits at first, but with a hint of golden syrup. Sweet but not too sweet.

Each 170g pack contains 20 biscuits lined up in a plastic tray, handy if you want to leave them out for people to share. Available in Tesco stores.

Nutrition Information per 9g biscuit: 45 calories, 0.7g protein, 6.0g carbohydrates, 2.3g sugars, 1.9g fat, 0.7g saturates, 0.5g fibre, trace salt.

*Note: Pure oat flour may not be suitable everyone with coeliac disease.


  1. I am gluten intolerant so have tried all most all the 'Free From' digestive biscuits as they were my absolute favourite before. I can honestly say these are the best ones on the market!

    1. It's a shame many people probably wouldn't discover them unless they were specifically looking in the 'free from' area. I was surprised at how nice they are.



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