Thursday, 29 November 2012

Lindt Chocolate Christmas Bears and Bells

With four weeks to go until Christmas, chocolate bar manufacturers are guaranteed to bring out the old favourites, but there are usually a few new entrants as well.

Last week in a branch of Superdrug I spied two new arrivals from chocolate manufacturers, Lindt, well known for their gold bunnies.

One is a 20g chocolate bell wrapped in a red foil, and the other is a tiny 10g Chocolate Bear wrapped in gold foil.

I’m not sure whether the bear is a Christmas choccie. He does have a red festive type ribbon tied around his neck, but I've not seen him before and couldn't resist buying both the bear and bell.

If you're tempted into picking one up at the checkout, don’t worry too much about the calories. Similar to the Lindt miniature Gold Bunny, the bear has around 55 calories, while the Bell, at twice the weight, has around 110 calories.

At a time where parties and food festivities are hard to avoid, it’s good to know there are a few little treats which can fit quite well into a calorie counted diet plan.


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