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Healthier Indulgence Hot Chocolate Drinks

Drinking a mug of warming hot chocolate is one of life’s little luxuries. It’s easy to make, doesn’t cost much and can be enjoyed by most people. However, they wouldn't normally be classed as a healthy drink. Until now.

The Healthier Drinks Company have introduced a range of delicious hot chocolate powder mixes which have no added sugar, artificial sweeteners or trans fats, plus they have added health benefits.

There is one milk chocolate drink called Divine, another which is enriched with Omega 3 and one for children also with added Omega 3 called 4-Kidz. A fourth is called ‘Stressed!’ and is enriched with Vitamin D.

These hot chocolate mixes can be made up with water or milk. Obviously if you use milk, the calorie count will be higher. When made up with water, the Hot Chocolate 4-Kidz (15g) and the Hot Chocolate Enriched with Omega 3 Dha (flavourless and odourless) (15g) both have 67 calories. The Hot Chocolate Divine (15g) has 68 calories and the Hot Chocolate Stressed (20g) has 86 calories.

I decided to use half semi skimmed milk and water which brought the calories up to around 90. I had half and my daughter had the rest. My initial thoughts on tasting it were ‘I can taste fish and it definitely needs to be sweeter’.

4-Kidz enright with Omega 3 (It even looks happy!)
I’m not sure whether it was just the idea of omega 3 in the drink that made me think I could taste fish, as my daughter couldn't detect any fishy taste. And it does say it’s flavourless and odourless.

As for the sweetness, well, it tastes very unsweet because it’s one of the few instant hot chocolate mixes to contain absolutely no added sugar or sweetener. The only sweetness comes from the natural sugars found in the ingredients, such Non-Dairy Creamer, Skim Milk Powder or cocoa powder. Since I have such a sweet tooth I needed to add sweetener.

My daughter’s verdict was ‘nice and creamy and would be happy to have again’. As she dislikes fish I give her omega 3 vitamins but I’d be just as happy to let her drink this chocolate instead.

You can only buy these drinks from ASDA stores or online ASDA where you can also buy an omega 3 Chocolate Milkshake 4-Kidz chocolate drink. You can find out a bit more about the Healthier Drink Co at their website: Healthier Drinks Co.

Nutrition Information per serving of dry powder: (Omega 3 packs) 67 calories, 3g protein, 8g carbohydrates, 1.8g natural sugars, 2.9g fat, 1.88g saturates, 50ml omega 3 DHA, trace sodium.


  1. I have seen these in my local Asda but always opted for Options/Cadbury Highlights just to save a few calories.

    Not sure about the fishy flavour..I seem to be really sensitive to picking up fish smells/tastes!! Think I will stick to Cadburys....great review though!!

    Bella x

    1. I think the smell may have been in my mind ;)But like you, a few too many calories for me, but it's good for my kids.


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