Thursday, 1 November 2012

Graze Box Review Week 36 - Yaki Soba

Graze Box Delivery Date: 19 October 2012

This week’s Graze nutrition box brought me one new snack called Yaki Soba. I'm not exactly sure what Yaki Soba means, though judging by the contents, I'd hazard a guess it has something to do with noodles.

Also received in this week’s Nibble Box was Marvellous Macaroon reviewed in week 30Poached Pear, reviewed in week 21 and one of my ultimate favourites - Rock the Casbah, reviewed in week 3.

From top left: Rock the Casbah, Marvellous Macaroon, Yaki Soba, Poached Pear

Yaki Soba

Yaki Soba contains a spicy mix of soba peanuts, dried edamame beans, chilli and lemon chickpea noodles and chilli broad beans.

Well, there was lots to sample in here. I always eat the contents of the nibble boxes individually rather than shove them all in together. They've all got their own individual flavourings so it’s interesting to taste them separately.

I started off with the edamame beans. I adore these in fresh form and always order them when eating at Japanese restaurants. However, in dried form, they bore little resemblance to the fresh beans. They’re crunchy and very dry with a slight ‘beany’ taste.

The chilli and lemon chickpea noodles are also dried and very crunchy. They're quite spicy but the lemon gives them a sweeter taste.

The soba peanuts were my second favourite in this mix. These are also slightly spicy with flavourings including onion, chilli, garlic and tomato powder. Nice and crunchy, still with a peanutty taste.

I was quite surprised to find my favourite in this mix were the chilli broad beans. I never eat fresh broad beans, but these were really lovely. They're crunchy and almost taste like they've been fried. They're mildly spiced with chilli and have vegetable oil in the ingredients.

Despite the lack of flavour in the edamame beans, the rest was good so I'm giving Yaki Soba a rating of LOVE.

Calories for the snack: 159.

Yaki Soba has been given the ‘Graze Light’ the ‘Fibre’ symbols meaning it has between 110-150 calories and is a good source of fibre. Actually, it’s not quite a Graze light as it slightly exceeds 150 calories! See this post for explanations of the Graze symbols.

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