Monday, 29 October 2012

Weight Watchers Creamed Rice Pots

If you've already tried the Weight Watchers Vanilla Creamed Rice and enjoyed it, you might like to try out the new Caramel variety. This has arrived on the shelves along with the repackaging of the Vanilla flavour creamed rice.

Each pot has 118 calories and is worth 3 ProPoints.

Both varieties are available in two packs containing two x 120g pots. Along with the new packaging, the nutrition information has altered slightly along with the pack size. 

As shown in the Vanilla Rice post, pot sizes were 130g and are now 120g. Calories have increased from 112 to 118, but sugar, fat, saturated fat and salt have all decreased. ProPoints remain the same.

Creamed Rice pots are made for Weight Watchers by Yoplait and are available in the major supermarkets. Suitable for vegetarians.

Nutrition Information:
Per 120g Pot (Caramel): 118 calories, 3.2g protein, 25.4g carbohydrate, 12.7g sugar, 0.4g fat,<0.1g saturates,0.1g fibre, 0.1g salt. 3 ProPoints.

Caramel Rice 2 x 120g pots
Per 120g Pot (Vanilla new): 118 calories, 3.4g protein, 25.2g carbohydrate, 10.3g sugar, 0.4g fat, 0.1g saturates, 0.1g fibre, 0.1g salt. 3 ProPoints.
Vanilla Rice 2 x 120g pots
Per 130g Pot (Vanilla old packs): 112 calories, 4.2g protein, 22g carbohydrates, 14g sugars, 0.7g fat, 0.4g sat fat, 0.5g fibre, 0.2g salt, 3 ProPoints.
Vanilla Rice 2 x 130g pots (previous style packs)

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