Thursday, 18 October 2012

Eating Chillis for Health Benefits and Weight Loss

Did you manage to catch Episode 5 of ‘The Food Doctor’ on Channel 4 (17th October)? If so, you may have been interested in the section praising the health benefits of eating chillis. In fact, the fiery chilli has even been declared as one of our natural superfoods.

Not only are they high in valuable vitamins and minerals, they can raise your metabolism to the extent that you just might burn off more calories.

The idea of eating chillis to lose weight isn't new. You can read more about using chillis for weight loss in this post.

The following Infographic highlights some of the fascinating facts about chillis, including ways they can help cure or prevent major illnesses and their nutritional benefits. Plus there's a heat scale comparing different types of chillis.

More from The Food Doctor on the benefits of eating Chillis.

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  1. Chillis for weight loss? really. It's actually an appetizer for me.



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