Saturday, 20 October 2012

Cadbury Crunchy Spiders NEW for Halloween 2012

Even if you're an arachnophobe like me, it's hard to resist these cute Cadbury Crunchy Spiders which are out in time for this year's Halloween.

The chocolate spiders have an oval shaped chocolate body - this is bit you get to eat. The cardboard backing each spider sits on is designed to look like eight legs to complete the spider look.

There's a pink and a black spider (perhaps male and female!) and they're both made with Cadbury's milk chocolate mixed with green crisped rice balls. The tiny bits of crisped rice are coloured green, which according to the ingredients, comes from stinging nettle and spinach! Almost sounds healthy.

If you can't resist picking up a spider and want to know the calories, you won't find it on the pack. However, there is a calorie amount per 100g. Doing the calculations, each 32g Crunchy Spider has 166 calories.
Available in various outlets.

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  1. THESE spider choc look very approp for the halloween theme :)



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