Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Belvita Breakfast Biscuit Cranberry - NEW

Nabisco, manufacturers of the Belvita Breakfast Biscuit range, are facing growing competition from rival companies eager to cash in on this popular breakfast trend. Belvita, food brand winner in this year’s The Grocer Gold Awards, have already smashed their second-year sales targets to hit over £27m in 2011.

If you’re a fan of Belvita, you’ll know there are already several varieties to choose from (see post). But if you’re ready for a new flavour, here it is - the new Belvita Cranberry Breakfast biscuit. Like the others in the range, each box contains six packs of four biscuits and a single biscuit has 55 calories.

Belvita say:

'As biscuit lovers, we have worked closely with our own nutritionists to bring you a new and exciting choice for breakfast: Belvita Breakfast biscuits are delicious, crunchy biscuits specially designed for breakfast.'

If you like the Forest Fruits Belvita, you may like this one. The biscuits have a sweet berry taste with plenty of chewy, dried cranberries scattered throughout. As always, they're made with five wholegrains which gives them a denser, more satisfying consistency. They also provide slow release energy to help prevent energy levels from flagging.

Munching on Belvita Cranberry biscuits is a tasty way of including cranberries in your diet, especially if you don't like eating them fresh. Cranberries provide a host of proven health benefits as they're full of antioxidants, low in fat and have no cholesterol.

Belvita Breakfast Cranberry biscuits
The plus points are: Rich in cereals, made with wholegrain, no colours or preservatives, a source of fibre, includes vitamins B1 and E.

Suitable for vegetarians and this pack was found in Poundland.

Nutrition information per 12.5g biscuit: 55 calories, 1.0g protein, 8.4g carbohydrate, 2.4g sugar, 1.7g fat, 0.45g saturates, 0.71g fibre, 0.10g salt.


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