Sunday, 14 October 2012

Ambrosia Custard Coated Fruit Pieces

Ambrosia already do a popular line in ready-made custard and rice pots so I was surprised to see the Ambrosia name in with the packet snacks.

There are two varieties: Custard Coated Fruit Pieces with Banana or Apple and each pack has 95 calories.

Since my kids love Ambrosia custards and rice, it seemed a logical step to try them out.

We all had a sample of each variety. Basically, each flake has a soft piece of fruity stuff in the middle with the smooth custard coating the outside. This is the same sort of consistency as yogurt coated snacks. They’re both very sweet and chewy but we all preferred the banana variety.

Pack contents of banana variety
Each fruit taste is easily recognisable but the custard flavour is a bit harder to make out. I asked my youngest (8) to guess what the outside was and she thought it was white chocolate. However, by letting the outside melt and not chewing first, you get much more of the custard flavour.

Well, I know my lot will be very happy to find either of these snacks in their lunch boxes. However, they are high in sugar with each pack having just under 3 teaspoons, so maybe not too often!

Both are suitable for vegetarians.

Boxes contain 5 x 20g bags and these were found in Sainsburys supermarket. Also available in Tesco.

Nutrition Information per 20g bag (banana): 95 calories, 0.6g protein, 13.5g carbohydrates, 13.4g sugars, 4.2g fat, 3.3g saturates, 0.3g saturates, 0.1g salt.


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