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11 Chocolate Biscuit Bars for Under 120 calories

Snacking on a chocolate bar may not be healthy or good for the waistline, but it's a treat many of us enjoy, often on a daily basis.

Unfortunately, popular, individual sized chocolate bars often clock up well over 200 calories each.

While some chocolate manufacturers are taking steps to produce smaller chocolate bars, for example, Cadbury’s Crispello, eating a regular sized chocolate bar every day could add an extra 1,400 calories a week, or 20+ pounds in weight over a year!

If you are trying to keep the calories down, then you might consider swapping your chocolate bar with a chocolate biscuit bar instead? They still come individually wrapped (not like a pack of choccie biscuits) so it’s easier to stick with just one bar, plus many have less than half the calories of regular chocolate bars.

The following list is for chocolate biscuit bars which have less than 120 calories per bar.

11 Chocolate Biscuit Snack Bars Under 120 calories

1. Weight Watchers 5 Chocolate Biscuits -  89 calories

2. Nestle Aero Biscuits -  99 calories

2. Nestle Breakaway -  99 calories

3. Fox’s Chocolate and Caramel Rocky -  101 calories

4. Oatland Milk Chocolate Crunch (Tesco) -  105 calories

5. Fox’s Chocolate Rocky - 106 calories

6. McVities Penguin - 106 calories

7. Mars Twix Bars - 113 calories

8. M&S Extremely Chocolatey Biscuit Bars -  115 calories

9. McVitie’s Gold Chocolate Biscuit Bars - 116 calories

10. Jacobs Club Chocolate Biscuit Bars - 116-118 calories
Club Orange - 116 calories
Club Honeycombe - 116 calories
Club Mint - 116 calories

Chocolate biscuit bars can be purchased in multi-packs and are available in various supermarkets.

Note: the above list is for chocolate biscuit bars, so doesn't include chocolate wafer bars.

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