Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Weight Watchers Blueberry & Vanilla Oaty Biscuits

Back in March I reviewed Weight Watchers delicious Cranberry & Sunflower Seed Oaty Biscuits. Since then Weight Watchers have revamped their packaging styles and along with it, brought out lots of new products.

I recently spotted these and thought they must be the Cranberry biscuits in a new pack. However, they were a different variety altogether called Weight Watchers Blueberry & Vanilla Oaty Biscuits.

I haven’t seen them before so I assume they’re new. Since I enjoyed the Cranberry variety so much, I had to give these a try.

They’re manufactured by Walkers Shortbread Ltd in Scotland so you know they’re going to taste great. And they do.

These biscuits are made with oat flakes and oat flour with a generous amount of dried blueberries and vanilla flavouring. They are very sweet tasting and as such, are high in sugar.

Unfortunately each biscuit has 86 calories (2 ProPoints) which is quite a lot for just one biscuit. As they’re individually wrapped there's not as much temptation to dip into the box and get another one out (there are eight biscuits in the box). Because they’re quite chewy with a grainy like texture they do seem a bit more substantial than a regular biscuit.

They are suitable for vegetarians, free from artificial colours, flavours or preservatives and can be found in the biscuits sections of larger supermarkets. Poundland also do a wide selection of Weight Watchers products.

Nutrition information per biscuit (19g): 86 calories, 1.4g protein, 11.8g carbohydrates, 3.4g sugars, 3.3g fat, 0.7g saturates, 1.5g fibre, <0.1g salt. 2 ProPoints per biscuit.

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  1. You are right, it is rather high in calories and fat. I would need to look at the ingredient list to work out the source of fat, but most biscuits are high in fat, so I suspect that this particular type may in fact be lower than most other biscuits with the same calories. I like that this is individually wrapped, you would definitely notice eating more than one biscuit at a time so that's quite positive about the product. Another is that for a biscuit this actually contains around 8% fibre which is a fantastic fibre value for a biscuit - likely from the oats!



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