Thursday, 27 September 2012

Tesco Lighter than Light Mayonnaise

Having run out of my usual Hellman’s Lighter than Light mayonnaise, I thought I’d try out Tesco’s own lowest calorie mayonnaise which, incidentally, is also called ‘Lighter than Light!

It contains 80% less fat than Tesco’s standard mayonnaise and has 14 calories per 15g tablespoon.

If you use a lot of mayonnaise, you can make a huge calorie saving by switching to the lighter than light variety.

Tesco do have a Light Mayonnaise which also saves many calories, but Lighter than Light is the lowest.

Tesco’s Lighter than Light Mayonnaise is made with free range eggs and is available in a 480ml top down squeezy bottle. This is a lovely light mayonnaise, very creamy and quite thick. It’s easy to squeeze out of the top without making a mess and because it stands on its lid, there’s no need to shake the bottle.

Here’s a look at the calorie comparison between the range of Tesco Mayonnaise (per 15g tablespoon):

Tesco Mayonnaise – 115 calories
Tesco Light mayonnaise – 45 calories
Tesco Lighter than Light Mayonnaise – 14 calories
Tesco Everyday Value mayonnaise – 40 calories

AND its namesake -

Hellman’s Lighter than Light Mayonnaise 10 calories.

Tesco's Lighter than Light costs £1 at the time of writing, which is the same as their other varieties (excluding the EverydayValue Mayonnaise).

Available in Tesco stores.

Nutrition Information per 100ml: 95 calories, 0.6g protein, 10.4g carbohydrate, 5.7g sugars, 5.5g fat, 1.0g saturates, 0g fibre, 1.9g salt. Has to be used within 28 days of opening. Suitable for vegetarians.


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