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No Added Sugar Juice Drinks from Sainsbury's

Nothing quite beats a glass of icy cold, fresh fruit juice for quenching your thirst. Fruit juice is generally a healthy drink, whereby a typical 150ml glass counts as one of your five a day. However, fruit juices often contain a lot of sugar, whether natural or added. This, of course means more calories.

If you’re looking for a lower calorie alternative to fruit juice, you could opt for juice drinks instead. These contain a lower proportion of juice, usually a fruit concentrate and more water. Juice drinks also contain sugar but they can be made with no added sugar which further reduces the calorie content.

Sainsbury's have a great range of no added sugar juice drinks which are all low calorie. Switching from a regular juice drink to a no added sugar variety can save you hundreds of calories, especially if you drink a lot of it. The newest flavours in the range are No Added Sugar Mango, No Added Sugar Orange and No Added Sugar Mixed Berry.

Here’s a look at the variety of No Added Sugar Juice drinks from the Sainsbury’s brand. They are all sweetened with sucralose (like Splenda) which provides negligible calories.

No Added Sugar Orange Juice Drink:
9 calories per 100ml;
Orange juice from concentrate (20%).

No Added Sugar Mango Juice Drink:
13 calories per 100ml;
20% mango puree.

No Added Sugar Mixed Berry Juice Drink:
14 calories per 100ml;
Fruit Juices from Concentrate (30%) (Apple (27%), Blackberry (1%), Raspberry (1%), Strawberry (1%))

No Added Sugar Apple Juice Drink:
9 calories per 100ml;
20% juice concentrate

No Added Sugar Cranberry & Raspberry:
A glass of Cranberry & Raspberry
6 calories per 100ml;
Cranberry 5%, raspberry 5%

No Added Sugar Cranberry:
2 calories per 100ml;
10% cranberry concentrate

No Added Sugar Pomegranate:
19 calories per 100ml;
Pomegranate (35%), Aronia Juice (5%)

As a calorie comparison example, Sainsbury’s Mango Juice drink has 60 calories per 100ml whereas the No Added Sugar Mango Juice drink has just 13 calories.

If you’re watching your weight and enjoy juice drinks, then switching to the no added sugar varieties can really help with weight loss.

These are all ambient juice drinks so you can find them in the long life juice section of Sainsbury’s stores.

Nutrition Information per 100ml Cranberry & Raspberry Juice Drink: 3 calories, 0.1g protein, 0.4g carbohydrate, 0.4g sugars, trace fat, trace saturates, trace salt. Vitamin C 25.0mg.


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