Friday, 31 August 2012

Sainsbury's Low Fat Creme Fraiche - 24 Calories

I recently wrote a review about Weight Watchers low fat crème fraiche which has fewer calories than nearly all other creme fraiche brands in the stores.

However, Sainsbury's Be Good To Yourself Crème Fraiche comes a close second with only 24 calories per tablespoon and 0.7g of fat.

Crème Fraiche is often used as a substitute for double cream or whipping cream as it has a lower fat and calorie content.

Sainsbury’s Be Good To Yourself crème fraiche is rich, creamy and very thick. It can be used in sweet, savoury, hot or cold meals and is an ideal substitute to fresh cream, especially for those trying to cut calories or fat from their diet.

Sainsbury’s Be Good To Yourself Crème Fraiche has 80 calories and 2.4g of fat per 100g. Compare this with Sainsbury’s British crème fraiche which has 302 calories and 31.1g of fat and Sainsbury’s 50% less fat Crème Fraiche which has 169 calories and 15g of fat per 100g and you can see you’re making a significant saving on both calories and fat with the Be Good To Yourself variety.

Be Good To Yourself Crème Fraiche contains probiotic bacteria which may help maintain the natural balance of your digestive system.

Available in Sainsbury’s stores in two sizes: 300ml and 500g.

Nutrition Information:

Per 100ml: 80 calories, 5.8g protein, 8.7g carbohydrate, 5.7g sugars, 2.4g fat, 1.5g saturates, nil fibre, 0.20g salt. Suitable for vegetarians.

Per 30ml tablespoon: 24 calories, 1.7g sugars, 0.7g fat, 0.5g saturates, trace salt.


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