Monday, 6 August 2012

Belvita Breakfast Duo Crunch - NEW

The Belvita Breakfast range has given many of us the perfect excuse to munch on delicious, sweet biscuits first thing in the morning.

They've obviously proved so popular that Nabisco (who make Belvita) are regularly updating their selection with new varieties.

If you’re a Belvita fan you may be pleased to know there is a new variety currently making its appearance on supermarket shelves. This new Belvita breakfast biscuit is called ‘Duo Crunch’.

The Belvita Breakfast Duo Crunch is similar to the Yogurt crunch, but the Duo Crunch has an additional strawberry fruit filling in between the live yogurt filling.

Here’s what Belvita say:

"We love biscuits and our nutritionists designed Belvita for biscuit lovers like us, who try to fit in a good breakfast every day. Belvita are more than just a simple biscuit. They are biscuits specially designed for breakfast*. Since their launch, lots of people have enjoyed a tasty breakfast crunch and we’re now delighted to introduce a new and unique dual flavour addition to the range – Strawberry and Live Yogurt filled breakfast biscuits."
*Enjoy as part of a balanced breakfast eg with a portion of fruit and dairy.

Belvita Duo Crunch is available as a box of 5 packs of 2 biscuits. Each biscuit has 110 calories (220 calories for the pack of 2).

Belvita Breakfast Duo Crunch have the following nutrition benefits:

Source of calcium, rich in cereals, source of fibre, made with a blend of 5 wholegrains, no colours or preservatives, source of vitamin B1, E, magnesium and iron.

No doubt the Strawberry & Live Yogurt Duo Crunch is the first of more varieties to come. Watch this space...

Besides the Duo Crunch, Nabisco have also introduced NEW 600g big value 12 packs in the 'Milk and Cereal' and 'Honey and Nuts' varieties.

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Nutrition Information per 25.3g Strawberry biscuit: 110 calories, 1.8g protein, 17g carbohydrates, 6.5g sugar, 3.8g fat, 0.8g saturates, 0.8g fibre, 0.15g salt.

(See nutrition guidelines)


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