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Graze Box Review - Cookies & Cream Snack

 Graze Box Delivery Date: 29th June2012

Graze Snack Box 29 June
With my new fortnightly Graze box deliveries, it seems ages since the last box arrived. So when this week's box was waiting for me on the floor (where the post drops), I couldn't wait to get stuck in.

The first thing I noticed on opening the box was the Graze nutrition leaflet informing me ‘You have a new Snack in this box’. And as soon as I  took a look at my new snack, I instantly knew it would become a favourite.

Before getting onto the new snack, here’s a quick rundown of the other three nibbles which have all been received in previous deliveries.

There was another appearance from the ‘Green Olives with Basil and Garlic’, reviewed in week12. These have now been given a new classification of ‘Graze Light’ as they have just 132 calories.

Also, happily for me, there was my favourite ‘The Herb Garden’, reviewed in week 7. These gorgeous baked snacks have only 91 calories a punnet. Their new classification is ‘Extra Light’ and I’m keeping these for myself.

Finally, there’s welcome re-appearance of the delicious ‘Tandoori Rustic Marble Bread’ from Graze's bread selection and reviewed in week 21. This is classified as a ‘Graze Light’ snack with just 117 calories and has a ‘fibre’ symbol.
Graze box snack mixed box
Tandoori Marble Bread, Cookies & Cream, Olives, The Herb Garden
So here's a look at this week’s new arrival, Cookies and Cream.

Cookies & Cream

With a name such as Cookies and Cream, this one couldn't fail to delight. The snack contains a mix of mini chocolate cookies, roasted hazelnuts, white chocolate buttons and sunflower seeds. Cookies and Cream is a combination of nutritionally beneficial sunflower seeds and nuts with the not quite so healthy chocolate buttons and cookies. It’s also been given a 'fibre' classification so this snack provides a good source of fibre.

The great thing about Cookies and Cream is that the healthier bits are every bit as tasty as the naughtier bits. The chocolate cookies are crisp, crunchy and very chocolatey while the white chocolate buttons are as meltingly delicious as you might hope for. There are loads of sunflower seeds and a good amount of fresh, crunchy hazelnuts. Naturally, with biscuits and chocolate in the mix, it’s not one of the lower calorie options.

But because there are lots of tiny pieces to eat, it’s easy to make the snack last longer (unless you grab handfuls at a time). From me, Cookies and Cream definitely gets a rating of LOVE.

Calories for the punnet: 216.

If you haven’t yet taken up the chance of a FREE Graze box, why not take a peek at the website and check out their wide range of snacks and nibbles. There are many more besides those I've reviewed here and if you use this special code (9HZTPXFD) you get to receive a Graze box completely free.

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