Monday, 4 June 2012

Weight Watchers No Added Sugar Cordials

While searching for my usual brand of sugar free cordial, I was surprised to see the Weight Watchers name peeping out amongst the domination of the Robinsons and supermarket own brand labels. It appears that Weight Watchers has added another line to its expanding product range with a variety of sugar free, low calorie, flavoured cordials.

The concentrated cordials are available in 1 litre bottles and flavours include: Sicilian Lemon & Elderflower, Italian Red Grape & Pomegranate and Chilean Plum & Raspberry.

There are also two ready to drink flavours: Italian Red Grape & Raspberry, and Brazilian Orange, Mango & Watermelon. These are sold in 500ml bottles and 330ml two packs.

All varieties contain 0 ProPoints per 250ml serving.

Although all the flavours sounded incredibly tempting, I decided to try out the Sicilian Lemon & Elderflower, mainly because Lemon is the flavour I usually choose for myself.

This cordial is made with real Sicilian lemons. Whether they are a better breed of lemons than those grown in other countries I cannot say. But it sounds impressive and the general theme of these cordials seems to be 'multicultural' fruit.
The advice is to dilute one part cordial with four parts of water. It starts off a pale yellow colour like white wine, but once the water has been added, the colour disappears and it looks like a glass of water.

When made up as instructed I found it had quite a subtle and delicate flavour. In fact it was too weak and I had to add more concentrate. This did improve the flavour to some extent. However, the lemon wasn’t coming through strong enough for me. Maybe it's just the elderflower part I'm not so keen on.

I’ve decided to make up the rest into home made ice lollies for the kids, which I’m sure will be lovely and refreshing for hot summer days. It hasn’t put me off trying out the other flavours though, and I fully intend to sample those in the coming months.

Not all supermarkets stock the Weight Watchers cordials yet. However, ASDA, Sainsbury’s, Tesco and Ocado are stockists for the 1 Litre concentrated cordials, while the ready to drink bottles can be found in various outlets including Poundland.

Allergens: This product contains: naturally occurring sugars. Suitable for: vegetarians, coeliacs, vegans. The sweeteners used are sucralose and acesulfame-K.

Nutrition Information per 250ml serving: 3 calories, 0 ProPoints, 0.8g sugars, <0.1g fat, <0.1g saturates, <0.1g salt. Suitable for vegetarians.


  1. shame they dont add how many calories in the cordial before it is diluted? I assume the one part cordial to 4 parts water to make the 250ml means there are 3 calories in 50ml of the undiluted cordial???

    1. Hmm, it's odd they don't print those details. Still, even in concentrated form, the calories are fairly negligible.



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