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Weight Watchers Chilli Beef & Potato Wedges

Mexican style chilli beef is the sort of meal you might expect to find loaded with fat and calories. Therefore, I was surprised to find Chilli Beef & Potato Wedges included in the Weight Watchers range of ready meals.

This weight Watchers meal is described as made with tender minced beef in a rich chilli sauce with smoked paprika and chunky golden potato wedges.

It’s low in fat, salt and sugar and has a mild spiciness rating. Each 400g pack has 386 calories and 10 ProPoints. Furthermore, eating the whole pack provides ‘2 of your 5 a day’.

Knowing how much other members of my family love Mexican style food, I picked up a couple of packs (they were on offer) and popped them in the freezer at home. They can be cooked from chilled or frozen, either in the oven or microwave. However, for the best result, it’s recommended to cook it in the oven, which I did the following week.

It did take around an hour to cook, during which time the most gorgeous smell began circulating around the house. It wasn’t long before my hungry son left his computer game to query what that amazing smell was.

Once cooked, this meal looks and smells fantastic. There’s easily enough to serve two people from one 400g pack. Accompanied with a fresh salad it makes a very satisfying and filling meal. The chilli is quite mild, though younger children may find it a bit too spicy, as mine did. The chunky potato wedges were lovely and soft inside and the bits which weren’t covered with beef in the oven during cooking were nice and crispy.
After cooking
It’s hard to believe this is low in fat because it’s so full of flavour. With food like this, dieting can be positively enjoyable.

You can find Weight Watchers ready meals in the chiller cabinets of larger supermarkets.

Nutrition Information per 400g pack: 386 calories, 21.6g protein, 44.8g carbohydrate, 10.8g sugar, 11.2g fat, 5.2g saturates, 10g fibre, 1.2g salt. 10 Weight Watchers ProPoints.
Low sat, low fat, low sugar. (Not suitable for those following a low potassium diet).

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