Saturday, 2 June 2012

Ribena Plus No Added Sugar - NEW

Ribena have introduced a new range of low calorie, no added sugar drinks called Ribena Plus. There are two varieties: ‘Ribena Plus Healthy Bones with  Calcium’ and ‘Ribena Plus Immunity Support with Vitamins A + C + E.

These have all the delicious fruity taste you expect from Ribena drinks PLUS extra goodness. All varieties have 5 calories or less per 100ml. 

Ribena Plus for Healthy Bones has added calcium to support the maintenance of strong healthy bones. Variants include Mixed Berries and Raspberry & Apple.


Ribena Plus for Immunity Support has added vitamins A, C and E. Vitamins A and C help support your immune system and vitamin E is an antioxidant. Variants include Blackcurrant and Apple & Peach.


The Ribena Plus range is available in a variety of packs styles. This includes 500ml ready to drink bottles, packs of 4 x 200ml or 10 x 200ml ready to drink cartons (with straw) as well as 850ml bottles of concentrate.

You can find the Ribena Plus range alongside the other Ribena drinks in the soft drinks section of larger supermarkets.

Nutrition Information per 200ml pack Mixed Berries: 8 calories, 0.1g protein, 1.0g carbohydrate, 1.0g sugars, Nil fat, Nil saturates, nil fibre, Trace sodium. Vitamin C 80mg (100% of recommended daily allowance, RDA), Calcium 120mg (15% of recommended daily allowance, RDA). Low sugars, Low fat, Low salt.

For more information on the Ribena Plus range and ingredients, visit Ribena.


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