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Range of Dole Fruit Pots and Calories

Eating a wide variety of fruit is fantastic for helping us stay healthy. It’s also perfect for slimmers who want to snack on something sweet without worrying about calories.

But if you’re a bit bored with apples and bananas, or you’re struggling to get children to eat more fruit, Dole fruit pots provide a convenient alternative to fresh fruit.

There are four varieties: 'fruit in juice', 'fruit in light syrup', 'fruit in fruit jelly' and 'fruit in vanilla flavoured custard'. Most are under 100 calories per pot.

The table below shows the varieties and calorie values for each type of fruit pot.

Dole Fruit Pot Varieties

Pot VarietyFruit Type


 Fruit in Juice (113g) Tropical Fruit 60

Pineapple 62

Fruit Festival 72

Peaches 73

Mandarins 75
 Fruit in Light Syrup (113g) Peaches 78

Fruit Festival 79
 Fruit in Jelly (123g) Peaches in Strawberry Jelly 95

Pineapple in Pineapple Jelly 95

Mixed Fruit in Peach Jelly 96

Mandarins in Orange Jelly 97

Tropical Fruit in Tropical Jelly 97
 Fruit in Vanilla Custard (123g)   Pineapple 108

Mango 113

The fruit in juice has no added sugar while all except the fruit in custard have no artificial colours or flavours.

As you can see from the table, the fruits in juice have the lowest calories per pot, with fruit in custard having the highest.

Even so, with just 113 calories for the Mango in Vanilla Custard, this can easily fit into any weight loss plan. 
Fruit in Custard
Fruit in Juice and Jelly pots

Diet tip
If you’re trying to save a few more calories, drain away the juice or syrup. For example, the 113g Tropical Fruit in Juice pot has 60 calories including the juice, but once drained this comes down to just 37 calories.

Dole fruit pots are ideal for children’s lunch boxes, taking to work or simply stocking up at home. They don't need refrigeration and can be stored in the cupboard.

You can find Dole Fruit pots in the canned fruit aisle of larger supermarkets where they're sold in individual pots and/or four packs.

Nutrition Information per 113g pot: Tropical fruit in juice: 60 calories, 14.2g carbohydrates, 13g sugars, 0.1g fat, <0.1g saturates, 1.2g fibre, <0.1g sodium. Medium sugar, Low fat, Low saturates, Low salt.

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