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Gullon Sugar Free Shortbread and Fiber Cookies

Living in a large city has some plus points, one of which is having access to European food stores. These places are usually frequented by expatriates missing their favourite foods from back home. But they also provide the natives with an interesting insight into what neighbouring countries around Europe are eating.

Passing by a Spanish delicatessen recently, I popped in to see what they had. Browsing around led me to the biscuit section where there were labels I could read (sadly I don’t speak Spanish). And standing out on the crowded shelves I couldn't fail to notice this SUGAR FREE pack of biscuits.

The prominent headline on the pack ‘Sugar Free Shortbread Cookies’ sounded right up my street. Squinting through the tiny nutritional information on the side I finally found the calories: 140 for five biscuits. So that makes it 28 calories per biscuit.

Further nutritional information included 0g trans fat (what we refer to as hydrogenated vegetable oil in the UK) and cholesterol free. 

These biscuits were incredibly expensive having been imported, so I 'ummed' and 'ahhed' before deciding to go for it and give them a try. I sure hoped they’d be worth the money.

Inside the box are two individually wrapped packs each with 25 biscuits so 50 biscuits in all. Tastewise, they’re not like the shortbread biscuits I’m used to in this country. They remind me of another type of biscuit. Sort of like a cross between Rich Tea and Malted Milk biscuits. They’re quite dry and would make an ideal accompaniment to a cup of tea.

Gullon Sugar Free Shortbread Biscuits
I’d be happy enough giving these to the kids as a treat as they're low in calories and sugar free. However, at a cost of £3.39, these will have to be a one off purchase.

According to Wikipedia, Gullon is the leading producer of biscuits in Spain and one of their factories is the largest biscuit factory in Europe.

Nutrition information per serving (5 biscuits): 140 calories, 2.0g protein, 6.0g fat, 0.5g saturates, 23g carbohydrates, 1g fibre, 0g sugars, 55ml sodium.


: Here's another Sugar Free biscuit from Gullon. These are called Fiber Cookies and they have 36 calories each. These are delicious, lovely and crunchy with a slightly malty flavour. These were found in a small independent grocery store in London. Unfortunately, it seems the larger supermarkets don't stock them.

Nutrition information per serving (3 biscuits): 110 calories, 2.0g protein, 4.5g fat, 0.5g saturates, 17g carbohydrates, 2g fibre, 0g sugars, 70ml sodium.


  1. if your interested we sell the full range of gullon sugarfree and no added sugar biscuits at our online shop

    1. Thanks so much for this. A one stop shop for sugar free biscuits. Lovely site and well worth a visit.

  2. Hi there,

    Can you let me know where you bought the fibre sugar free biscuits from please? Ad also the cinnamon gullon biscuits which you recently reviewed! I'd love to find them here in the uk. I've seen them online but it works out quite pricey with p&p.

    1. Hi Fran

      I found some in a Spanish import food store in London and the cinnamon in an Asian import grocery store in London. Some Costcutters sell them too.

  3. Fran, They're available from Aldi in the uk, 69p per packet.



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