Thursday, 7 June 2012

Go ahead! Chocolate Thins

Go ahead! have a number of biscuit snacks aimed at the dieters market with most of them having less than 100 calories each.

These include the Go ahead! Yogurt Breaks and Go ahead! Crispy Fruit Slices. Now there's a new range called Go Ahead Chocolate Thins which have 73 calories each.

There are currently three varieties to choose from: Orange, Strawberry or Red Cherry. Like the Yogurt Breaks and Fruit slices, each Chocolate Thin slice consists of a layer of chewy sultana and fruit flavoured filling, sandwiched between two light, crispy biscuits. The top is coated with a thin layer of milk chocolate.

Go Ahead Chocolate Thins Orange
Orange Variety
Strawberry Variety

Boxes of Go ahead! Chocolate Thins contain 5 packs of individually wrapped biscuits. However, inside these packs are 2 biscuits. So, if you're counting calories, don't let this catch you out. It's an easy enough mistake to believe each pack has 73 calories rather than each biscuit. So if you eat them both, you’ll be doubling your calorie intake to 146 calories.

Go Ahead Chocolate Thins Orange
Inside a Chocolate Orange Thin (1 biscuit = 73 calories)
Go ahead! Chocolate Thins are suitable for vegetarians and you can find them in the biscuits aisle of larger supermarkets.

Go Ahead Chocolate Thins Orange
Two Chocolate Thins in each wrapped pack (146 calories)

Nutrition Information per bar: 73 calories, 1.0g protein, 13.4g carbohydrates, 7.3g sugars, 1.6g fat, 0.7g saturates, 0.6g fibre, 0.1g salt.

Suitable for vegetarians.


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