Thursday, 14 June 2012

Castus Be Fruity Strawberry Fruit Bars

Always on the lookout for healthier and lower calorie snacks, I recently discovered these Strawberry, Be Fruity fruit bars by Castus.

I’d never seen or heard of them before, but the bright fresh looking packs caught my attention, as did the words on the front: '100% natural' and '1 bar = 1 portion of fruit'. After a quick check of the calories – 80 per bar, I picked up a box.

Each pack contains 5 individually wrapped 25g bars, though there really is room enough for another bar in the box. Like the label says, they ingredients are all natural and includes dates, raisins, dried strawberry, vegetable oil, water and dried strawberry extract. 
Once I opened one up I immediately thought they looked very similar to the Nakd bars reviewed earlier. Similar colour and same sort of soft, squashy texture. The Be Fruity bars however have the name Castus imprinted along the top of the bar. And according to the information on the pack, ‘Castus’ means ‘pure’ in Latin.

Tastewise, they’re quite likes dates (which accounts for 75% of the ingredients), so no surprise there. They’re nice and chewy with bits of crunchy strawberry seeds and perfectly sweet enough to satisfy a sweet craving. They are high in fibre which is good for the digestive system and they’re filling. They have no added sugar, colours or artificial preservatives, plus they’re gluten and dairy free.

Castus Be Fruity bars are also sold in Apricot flavour and Fig. Unfortunately, these weren’t available in the Sainsbury's store where I found the Strawberry version. According to the box, there is a grown ups range with fruit & nuts: Apple, Cinnamon & Nuts, Cranberry, Fig & Nuts, Mixed Nuts. These sound delicious and I can’t wait to find them. However, there’s no reason why the Be Fruity Strawberry, Apricot and Fig bars can’t be enjoyed by adults. I certainly did.

Produced in Denmark for Castus UK Ltd.

Nutrition Information per 25g bar: Strawberry: 80 calories, 0.5g protein, 16g carbohydrates,16g sugars (naturally occurring sugars), 1.5g fat, 0.5g saturates, 2.5g fibre, 0g sodium. High sugar, Medium fat, Medium saturates, Low salt.


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