Thursday, 3 May 2012

Weight Watchers Cheesecakes

Slimmers should generally steer well clear of cheesecake. Rich, indulgent and truly delicious, they are of course, packed with calories, fat and sugar. Many pre-packed cheesecakes have well over 300 calories per slice, enough to put a large dent in any calorie counted diet plan.

For example, Sainsbury’s Berry Cheesecake slices (100g) have 326 calories and 21g of fat. Tesco’s Raspberry Rapture Cheesecake slices (110g) have 335 calories and 21g of fat, while GU Chocolate and Vanilla Cheesecakes (90g) have 364 calories and 24g of fat. 

If you’re on a diet or watching your weight, and have a penchant for cheesecake, you might like to try the Weight Watchers varieties.

Made with reduced fat soft cheese, Weight Watchers cheesecakes have 4.3g and 5g of fat and just over 200 calories each.

You have a choice of the Raspberry Cheesecakes:

A smooth creamy vanilla cheesecake on an oaty biscuit base, finished with a luscious raspberry sauce and gooey raspberry centre’;

or the Lemon Cheesecakes:

‘A smooth, creamy vanilla cheesecake on an oaty biscuit base, finished with a tangy lemon sauce and gooey lemon centre’.

Both cheesecakes are packed two to a box and weigh in at 100g each. 

The nutrition details are as follows:

Raspberry Cheesecakes each: 5 ProPoints, 213 calories, 17.7 sugars, 4.3g fat, 2.7g saturates, 0.3g salt, 5 propoints. Suitable for vegetarians.

Lemon Cheesecakes each: 5 ProPoints, 211 calories, 16.4g sugars, 5.0g fat, 2.9g saturates, 0.4g salt. Suitable for vegetarians.


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