Monday, 21 May 2012

Shapers Popcorn Snacks - NEW

Last year Shapers added two varieties of popcorn to their range of under 100 calorie snacks. These included Maple Popcorn with 92 calories and Salted Popcorn with 88 calories per 20g bag.

New on the shelves for 2012 are two more popcorn snacks: Strawberry & White Chocolate Popcorn and Chocolate & Toffee Popcorn. Despite their highly calorific sounding names, both varieties have less than 90 calories per pack.

The Chocolate & Toffee Popcorn contains popped corn coated in toffee and drizzled in milk chocolate. This 20g pack has 87 calories.

The Strawberry & White Chocolate Popcorn contains popped corn coated in toffee, with pieces of freeze dried strawberries, drizzled in white chocolate. This 20g pack has just 86 calories.

So how do they get the calories so low? Both varieties of popcorn are high in sugar and saturated fat, but because there’s only 20g in a pack, roughly 20 pieces of popcorn, the portion size is small enough to keep the calories down.
Strawberry & White Chocolate Popcorn
Chocolate & Toffee Popcorn

Shapers popcorn snacks are both so irresistibly tasty you’ll have a hard time deciding which one to pick. And they’re definitely not for sharing!

Shapers popcorn snacks are all part of the Shapers Meal Deal. Available in larger branches of Boots.

Nutrition Information per 20g pack (Chocolate & Toffee): 87 calories, 0.7g protein, 16g carbohydrate, 9.2g sugars, 2.3g fat, 1.1g saturates, 0.6g fibre, 0.2g salt. Suitable for vegetarians. Medium fat, High saturates, High sugars, Medium salt.

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