Sunday, 27 May 2012

Robinsons Fruit Shoot Ice Lollies

Robinsons Fruit Shoots are popular, fruity flavoured still drinks available in sports style bottles. They’re especially handy for kids lunchboxes and they do a ‘no added sugar’ variety. Also in the Robinsons Fruit Shoot range are Robinsons Fruit Shoot Mini Squeeze up Ice Lollies.

These ice lollies are basically Fruit Shoots (those with sugar) which are frozen into a cone shaped holder. You have to squeeze the bottom of the lolly to push it up in order to eat it.

This is actually a good idea because once it starts melting, you don’t need to worry about it dripping everywhere – especially useful for children. Whatever’s dripped into the cone can be drunk once you’ve finished the frozen part.

Robinsons Fruit Shoot Mini Squeeze Up Ice Lollies are available in two flavours: Orange or Blackcurrant and apple fruit ice. The calories for each are 66 for the Blackcurrant and 67 for the Orange. You get three of each flavour inside boxes of six lollies.

Ingredients include fruit juice concentrate which accounts for between 10-15% of the lollies.

Both flavours are suitable for vegetarians and they have no artificial colours or flavours.

Available in the freezer departments of larger supermarkets.

Nutrition Information per ice lolly (orange): 67 calories, 0.1g protein, 16.6g carbohydrates, 16.6g sugars, trace fat, trace saturates, 0.2g fibre, trace sodium.


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