Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Petits Filous Rice Little Puddings Review

My children love rice pudding. However, I never (or rarely) cook that kind of thing so I tend to buy it in pots. Because rice pudding is quite a high calorie snack, I try to find those which are lower in calories and this usually means buying the smallest pots I can find.

Although the calories per 100g is fairly similar amongst different brands, the size of the pot can make a big difference to the number of calories per pot. And no matter what size pot I do buy, my kids will devour the lot. So it makes sense to keep the higher calorie treats small.

Until recently, the 95g Muller Rice Mini Pots are the smallest I’ve found and they have 98 or 101 calories each.

But new from Petits Filous are Rice Little Puddings. These pots are only 90g and also have 101 calories each. So gram for gram, the Petit Filous Rice Little Puddings are slightly higher in calories than the Muller Rice.

They contain no artificial colours, sweeteners or preservatives and are suitable for vegetarians. The only ingredients are whole milk, water, sugar and rice. They're lovely and creamy with a mild taste and can be eaten hot or cold.

Although my children were happy to eat these and enjoyed them, I must admit there isn’t much in each pot – about four to five teaspoons worth. However, to be fair, they are probably aimed at younger children, say 6 or under, going by the cartoon drawings on the pack.

Nevertheless, these pots are a perfect size for lunch boxes or for those occasions when kids want to grab something quick to eat to fill a hunger gap. And for everyone else who just wants a little taste of rice pudding without consuming loads of calories, then these snacks with just 101 calories per pot are ideal.
Petits Filous Rice Little Puddings are available in larger supermarkets and each pack contains four 90g pots.

Nutrition Information per 90g pot: 101 calories, 2.52g protein, 17.3g carbohydrates, 10.1g sugars, 2.52g fat, 1.4g saturates, 0.09g fibre, 0.04g sodium. Made in France for Yoplait UK Ltd. Medium sugars, Low fatMedium saturated fat, Low salt.


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