Monday, 14 May 2012

Nestle Aero Biscuits 99 Calorie Bars - NEW

May 2011 saw Nestle Aero Chocolate branching into the biscuit category with the launch of their '99 calorie' Aero Chocolate Biscuit bars. These biscuits are a clever combination of the familiar Aero
bubby chocolate on top of a crunchy biscuit bubble base, all covered with a smooth coating of Aero milk chocolate.

They are ideal for consumers looking for a chocolate or biscuit snack but don’t want all the calories of a regular chocolate bar.

And for 2012, Nestle have launched two new varieties: Aero Orange and Aero Mint chocolate biscuit bars. Like the milk chocolate variety, the new flavours also contain just 99 calories per bar. This is around the same number of calories as three pieces of an Aero bar or six Aero bubbles.

Aero biscuits weigh 17.9g and are available in multipacks of seven individually wrapped bars. While the individual wrappers may not be particularly ‘green’, it does help limit the temptation to take another one, always useful when watching your weight.

You can find Aero Chocolate Biscuit bars in biscuit aisles of most major supermarkets in the UK.

Nutrition Information per Aero Biscuit bar (Orange): 99 calories, 1.1g protein, 11.2g carbohydrates, 10.2g sugars, 5.4g fat, 3.1g saturates, 0.3g fibre, 0.05g salt. High sugar, High fat, Low salt.


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