Saturday, 12 May 2012

Mr. Men Ice Lollies, Tesco - NEW

Although my youngest has now outgrown the wonderful Mr. Men books, I couldn’t resist buying these Mr. Messy Raspberry flavour milk ice lollies. They were also on a special offer which played a part in my decision, plus the fact that each one has 109 calories so not too many for a treat. 

Mr. Messy lollies are produced exclusively for Tesco and are sold in boxes of four.

The lollies themselves look like regular ice lollies. For example, they're not shaped or moulded to look like Mr. Messy, but they are pink to match Mr Messy's colour. 

Steeling a few bites from my daughter’s lolly, I found they taste just like a raspberry milkshake, delicious. She wouldn’t let me take any more as she was enjoying it too much.

Besides Mr Messy, there is also Mr. Bump. These are bubblegum and vanilla flavour ice lollies with a white chocolate flavour coating. These come four to a pack and each one is 58ml with 102 calories.

And finally the Mr. Jelly Lollies. These come in a box containing 6 x 35ml water ice lollies with flavours strawberry, lime & apple and blackcurrant. Each lolly has 62 calories.

All are suitable for vegetarians and have no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives. The Mr Messy lollies are very high in sugar, with around 4.5 teaspoons of sugar in each lolly.

Nutrition Information: Per 70ml Mr Messy lolly: 109 calories, 2.3g protein, 19.4g carbohydrates, 19.2g sugars, 2.4g fat, 1.3g saturated fat, 0.2g fibre, 0.1g salt. High sugar, medium fat, low salt.


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