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Feel Good Non-Alcoholic Cocktails

You won’t need to worry about keeping a clear head with these non-alcoholic cocktails from the Feel Good Drinks Co. Feel Good drinks are made with 100% natural ingredients with no added sugar. Also, every serving counts as one of your 5-a-day.

Launched in November 2011, varieties so far include Mojito, Peach Bellini and Bucks Fizz, all of which have 37 or 38 calories per 100ml.

Although these cocktails are typically among the lower calorie options as sold in pub or bars, Feel Good’s non-alcoholic cocktails or ‘mocktails’ as they’re often known, contain only the natural sugars found in the fruit juice.

Feel Good non-alcoholic cocktails are light and refreshing as a thirst quenching drink on their own. However, you could also use them as a mixer when making your own cocktails at home.
Feel Good non alcoholic cocktails are available in 750ml bottles and are sold in branches of Tesco, ASDA and Sainsbury’s.

Bucks Fizz and Peach Bellini
Nutrition Information per 100ml Mojito: 38 calories, 0.1g protein, 8.6g carbohydrate, 8.6g Sugar, 0g fat, fibre 0.1g, 0g sodium.

Ingredients Mojito: 60% fruit juice (from concentrate, Grape, lime 10%), Gently sparkling water & fruit extracts, natural mint flavours, natural stabilisers, fruit pectin.

Ingredients Peach Bellini: 68% Fruit Juice (from Concentrate): Grape, Orange, Peach 5%, Lemon, Raspberry, Acerola,Gently Sparkling Water & Fruit Extracts: Natural Flavours, Natural Colour; Beta Carotene

Ingredients Bucks Fizz: 66% Fruit Juice (from Concentrate): Grape, Orange 30%, Lemon, Gently Sparkling Water & Fruit Extracts: Natural Flavours, Natural Stabiliser; Fruit Carob.

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