Thursday, 5 April 2012

Weight Watchers PROPOINTS® Plan Calculator – Updated For 2012

The Weight Watchers ProPoints Calculator is enormously popular and has received rave reviews by its users. If you’re following the Weight Watchers ProPoints plan, this little calculator is indispensable.

The new updated ProPoints calculator is basically the same as the 2010 version. However, the 2012 version has had its minimum daily ProPoints allowance reduced from 29 ProPoints to 26 ProPoints.

Like the 2010 ProPoints Calculator, it’s personalised and quick and simple to set up.

Here’s what it can do:
  • Calculate the ProPoints values of pre-packaged foods
  • Calculate your daily ProPoints allowance 
  • Track your daily and weekly ProPoints allowance over 7 days 
  • Keep track on Filling & Healthy days. 
This tiny, lightweight calculator is easy to carry around with you so you can keep track of your points throughout the day. Its measurements are 9cm x 3cm x 9cm (3.5" x 1.25" x 3.5") and it weighs 95g (boxed).

You can buy the ProPoints 2012 Calculator from Amazon, but they do sell out fast!

Alternatively you can buy them directly from Weight Watchers. If you attend Weight Watchers meetings, you may also be able to purchase one there.

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  1. I have 2 ProPoints Calculators, a friend bought me one without knowing I already had one, so I'm selling one of them on eBay. I'm selling it for way less than the RRP so if anyone is interested please bid :)



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