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Stonebaked Seeded Baguette - Sainsbury's

The traditional French style baguette is best enjoyed fresh out of the oven. But, unless you live in France, it’s not always that easy finding a freshly baked baguette when you want one.

Nowadays though, thanks to the invention of ‘part-baked’ bread, we can appreciate just why the French love their baguettes so much.

Although baguettes are generally made with white flour, here in the UK, many of us have developed a penchant for seeded breads. So, as a variation to the white flour baguette, Sainsbury’s have introduced a stonebaked seeded, 'bake-at-home' baguette.

Before cooking
It’s made with French flour and produced in France for Sainsbury’s so it has that distinctive French baguette look and feel about it. Among the list of ingredients it contains are linseeds, millet seeds and sunflower seeds. It’s also made with a mixture of rye flour, barley malt flour, malted wheat flour, wheat flour and oat flour.

After cooking
This lot combined gives the baguette a unique taste with the rye flour particularly noticeable. It’s a heavier baguette than the plain white varieties and the added seeds give it a crunchier texture.

Overall, you can’t help but feel this is a healthier baguette than one made with regular white flour. However, since it’s bread, it’s not low in calories, with each half baguette worth 324 calories (before adding any butter). But one 250g baguette is sufficient to serve four people when accompanied with a bowl of nutritious and filling soup.
Sliced, and ready to eat

Cooking it couldn’t be easier. Just take off the packaging and cook from frozen for 10-12 minutes or from ambient for 8-10 minutes. You can store these baguettes in their unbaked state for a few weeks in a cupboard or you can keep them in the freezer until you’re ready to bake.

Nutrition Information per half baguette: 324 calories, 11.4g protein, 59.9g carbohydrates, 3.9g sugars, 3.5g fat, 3.5g fibre, 1.25g salt. Suitable for vegetarians and vegans. Low sugar, Low fat, Medium Salt.


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