Thursday, 26 April 2012

Peppa Pig Ice Cream Lollies - NEW

We’re all fans of Peppa Pig in my household, even those of us who should have long outgrown such childish TV viewing habits. But there’s something so endearing about this happy little family who live on top of a pointy hill, that it's hard not to notice Peppa branded products.

So when I saw these Peppa Pig Ice Cream Lollies in the supermarket, I couldn’t resist buying them (although having just 61 calories each was a big factor).

Peppa Pig Ice Cream Lollies are shaped like Peppa Pig, with the ice cream coloured to match Peppa’s pink skin and her red dress. The pale pink is vanilla flavoured ice cream while the dress is strawberry flavoured ice cream.

Peppa Pig Ice Lolly
They are very sweet. The second ingredient listed is sugar, with glucose syrup also included. But there aren’t any artificial colours, flavours or preservatives. 

My children were very happy to eat these and as they're not hugely calorific, I'll probably buy them on an occasional basis.

You can find Peppa Pig Ice Cream Lollies in larger supermarkets now and they're packed in a box containing 6 x 32g lollies.

Nutrition Information per 31g lolly: 61 calories, 1g protein, 7.9g carbohydrates, 7.4g sugars, 2.8g fat, 2.3g saturates, 0.2g fibre, 0.03g salt. Suitable for vegetarians.


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