Friday, 27 April 2012

Mikado Daim - 11 calories per stick

If you’re watching your weight and haven’t yet discovered Mikado, you’re missing out on a treat. Mikado sticks, made by Kraft Foods, are thin, crunchy biscuit sticks, covered with a layer of chocolate. What’s so good for slimmers is that each Mikado has just 11 calories.

Mikado come in a variety of flavours, some of which you can see in this post. And here’s a new one, called Mikado Daim.

As the name implies, these Mikado sticks are covered with caramel flavour milk chocolate with caramel pieces – like a thin coating of a Daim bar.

Mikado Daim even has its own Facebook page with 33,935 likes at the time of writing. Here you can play games, take part in competitions or just discuss the general merits of the these great snacks.

Various stores stock Mikado sticks including Morrisons, ASDA, Tesco and Sainsbury’s.

A 70g Mikado Daim box contains around 27 sticks which are sealed inside a foil pack for freshness.

Nutrition Information per Mikado Stick: 11 calories, 0.15g protein, 1.6g carbohydrate, 0.41g fat. Suitable for vegetarians.


  1. Where are Mikados made?

    1. Hi

      Mikado are made in the EU for Kraft Foods UK. From the packet it appears they're made in The Netherlands.



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