Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Galaxy Flutes - NEW

At last, a chocolate bar you can pick up at the checkout without feeling guilty about the calories. Galaxy Flutes, made by Mars, are two crispy light wafers with a smooth, creamy, chocolatey filling dipped in milk chocolate. And if you need further persuasion, each ‘flute’ has only 56 calories.

A 22.5g pack contains two flutes, each of which are 11.25g. Eating both the Flutes in the pack provides 112 calories.

This is really the ideal size for a chocolate snack bar. There’s just enough to satisfy a chocolate craving, but not fill you with excessive amounts of sugar and fat. Eating one Flute bar provides 2.7g of fat (two bars 5.33g).
Galaxy Flutes
Galaxy Flutes are a bit like Milky Way Crispy Rolls, also by Mars, except with a different filling. They’re currently selling as a Limited Edition, but hopefully they will stay around for a lot longer.


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