Saturday, 24 March 2012

“Jammin” No Added Sugar Still Pineapple Juice Drink

While browsing through the bottled water and still drinks section of Tesco recently, I spotted a brand I’d never seen before. I don’t know if it’s new, but the label wasn’t one I recognised. It stood out on the shelf because of its bright yellow bottle and the name of it “Jammin” sounded a bit exotic and different.

I was particularly interested because the flavour on sale was pineapple, one which I haven’t so far found among any of the other brands in the still drinks section. Fully expecting it to be full ‘o’ sugar, on closer inspection I was glad to see there were two versions, one with sugar and one without.

“Jammin” no added sugar Pineapple flavoured juice drink comes in a 250ml sports drink style bottle and is sold as a pack of four. It can’t be compared with pineapple juice, but flavour wise, it’s sweet, and recognisably pineapple.

On further investigation of the “Jammin” range, it seems there are more in the sparkling section with flavours including: Pineapple, Black Grape, Fruit Punch, Tropical and Caribbean Cola. However, these all contain sugar, hence more calories.

Found in Tesco and produced by Princes Ltd.

Nutrition Information: Per 250ml bottle: 13 calories, 0.1g protein, 1.1g carbohydrate, 1.1g sugar, trace fat, trace saturates, trace fibre, trace salt. Suitable for vegetarians.


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