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Graze Snack Review - Green Olives and Little Figgy

Graze Box Delivery Dates: 10 Feb - 2 Mar 2012

Over the last few weeks my weekly Graze boxes have mostly been filled with favourites. This means we’ve had them before and either liked or loved them so we know we’re going to enjoy what’s in the box.
Graze snack box
Since I’ve only received two new Graze nibbles over the past three weeks, I’ve saved them up to review together in one post.

In week 12, my Graze Nibble Box contained Lemon Meringue Pie, Savoury Roasted Seeds, Bounty Hunter and the new one to try: ‘Green Olives with Basil and Garlic’.

Then in week 13 the contents were Lost Army, Green Olives with Chilli and Garlic, Banoffee Pie and new variety ‘Little Figgy Went to Market’.

Graze snack green olives with basil and garlic
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Green Olives with Basil and Garlic 

As I’ve mentioned in earlier posts, I’m not a big fan of olives. However, my other half likes snacking on these so they’re mainly for him. Even so, the flavourings sound so tempting I’ve just had to try them out too.

Green Olives with Basil and Garlic are just as the name describes. Each punnet contains 14 pitted green olives floating in a mixture of garlic, basil, parsley, sunflower and extra virgin olive oil. The olives have the shortest shelf life (around 6 days) so the pack has a message on the front saying 'Eat me quick, I'm fresh'.

My verdict, interesting flavour but I just can’t get past the olive texture. Husband’s verdict: ‘nice flavour, can taste the basil and it doesn’t overpower the olive. Couldn’t really taste the garlic.’ Hmmm. Well, I’ll keep them on my try list. I don’t mind if they arrive once in a while but none of the rest of my family are really into olives.

Calories for the punnet: 132.

Graze snack green olives with basil and garlic
Olives with Basil and Garlic

Little Figgy Went to Market

My kids loved the sound of this one. So what’s in it? If you guessed figs, you’d be right. This mix contains baby figs, cranberries, and dried apple. The baby figs were lovely and sweet, very cute and were eaten first. Sadly there were only four of them. We’ve had the dried cranberries in a few other nibble selections and these have always proved to be nice and chewy with a fresh, sharp taste.

The dried apple, on the other hand, wasn’t popular. All the dried apple pieces were left alone in the box when everything else had been eaten. As far as dried apples are concerned, I’m sure they are as good as you could expect. They taste like apple, sure, and they’re quite chewy. But they’re just not something any of us liked.

So, yummy baby figs and cranberries, but the dried apple was wasted. I’m afraid, this Little Figgy Went to Market and got a BIN.

Calories for the punnet: 103.

Little Figgy went to Market

Over on the Graze website I've gone through my selections and have asked for a lot more cracker nibbles. Hopefully I'll start receiving some of these soon. Besides being super tasty with lots of exotic flavours and unusual textures, the cracker mixes have some of the lowest calories of all the nibbles.

I’ve also found that the more Graze nibbles I receive, the more I want to try. I’ve recently gone through the whole range of nuts, seeds, dried fruit and flapjacks and have selected lots more that I’d originally dismissed as something I’d never want to eat. So thank you Graze for opening up a whole new world of taste combinations and snack ideas.

If you want to try out a Graze box for yourself, you can do so for free by visiting Graze and using this code: 9HZTPXFD.

Simply browse through the selection and choose your favourite four items. Enter the code - 9HZTPXFD and you’ll get your first box at no cost. Don’t worry, you’re not signing up for any long term contract. If you don’t want any more, you just cancel. And if you want to keep receiving Graze boxes, you can choose as many or as few deliveries as you want.

Happy grazing! 

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