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Graze Box Review - Ancient Forest Nuts, Korean Chilli Rice Crackers

 Graze Box Delivery Date: 9th March 2012

After visiting the Graze website and adding lots more snacks to my TRY list, I received two new Graze punnets this week.

Graze nibble box Although it’s always a welcome sight to open my Graze box to find old favourites in there, it’s still exciting to see some new nibbles to try out.

This week, previous favourites making a reappearance in the Graze box were ‘Lemon Meringue Pie’, reviewed in week 2 - read post and ‘Love Mix’, reviewed in weeks 10 and 11.

New arrivals this week were ‘Ancient Forest Nuts’ and ‘Korean Chilli Rice Crackers’.

Graze nibble box
From top left: Love Mix, Lemon Meringue Pie,
Ancient Forest Nuts and Korean Chilli Rice Crackers

Ancient Forest Nuts
Graze box snack - Ancient Forest Nuts

This mix contains a combination of walnuts (my favourites), hazelnuts and almonds. Each punnet contains a decent amount of fresh and crunchy nuts to snack on.

Nuts are healthy but high in fat (albeit monounsaturated fat) which of course means lots of calories. It's a good thing the portion size is carefully restricted because these nuts are very moreish. They have a good shelf life with a month before they have to be eaten.

Ancient Forest Nuts has one of Graze’s Top 10 health stars. This is shown by a star symbol on the front of the pack which means this snack is ‘just about the healthiest snack available in the UK’. The walnuts are packed with omega 3, while the almonds and hazelnuts are loaded with vitamin E. Nuts are a good source of protein and eating them can decrease the risk of developing cardiovascular disease and diabetes. So you can feel pretty good about eating these.

I rated these as LIKE. Well, really I do love them but don't want them delivered too frequently (calories!).

Graze box snack - Ancient Forest Nuts
Walnuts, Almonds and Hazelnuts
 Calories for the punnet: 227.

Korean Chilli Rice Crackers 
Graze box snack - Korean Chilli Rice Crackers

I was very happy to see at least one portion of rice crackers this week. All the rice crackers have been exciting mixes of oriental spices, which is fantastic if you love Asian cuisines. 

As well as being so tasty, most of them have around 100 calorie per snack. I often find that nibbling on a savoury snack is somehow more satisfying than eating something sweet. Perhaps it's something to do with the way spicy foods get the tastebuds tingling.

These Korean Chilli Rice crackers are one of the spiciest so far with flavourings including soy sauce, garlic powder, chilli and paprika. They look like tiny puffed rice cakes and are a rich golden colour. They're very crunchy and dry and I found just eating 4 or 5 at a time was sufficient to keep stave off a snack attack for a while longer.

Unfortunately, for some reason, eating these crackers made me start coughing. Whether it was the spiciness or the crackers themselves, I’m not sure, but having a drink handy proved useful. It didn't put me off ordering them again and I've rated them as LOVE. They also have a decent shelf life of 20 days which is useful if you don't want to open them right away.

Graze box snack - Korean Chilli Rice Crackers
Korean Chilli Rice Crackers

Calories for the punnet: 98.

This week’s information booklet was all about ‘The Power of the Swap’. By this, they mean how beneficial it can be for your health if you swap one of your ‘not so healthy’ daily treats for a healthy snack such as those supplied by Graze.

So if you eat a chocolate bar every day as an afternoon snack, Graze suggest swapping it for a snack such as their 'Strawberry Milkshake’. Strawberry Milkshake by the way, isn’t what it sounds like. It’s actually a mix of white chocolate buttons, strawberries and banana coins.

Comparing the chocolate bar with the strawberry milkshake Graze snack: The chocolate bar has more calories, more saturated fat, more sugar and more salt. But, with the Strawberry Milkshake snack you get more fibre, more iron, potassium and vitamin B6. Oh, and it only has 139 calories.

As Graze say, ‘Never underestimate the power of the swap.’

If you’re keen to try out a Graze snack box for yourself, you can order one completely free using this code: 9HZTPXFD. All you need to do is log onto Graze, enter your details, choose your type of Graze box and the snacks you'd like, then enter the special code (9HZTPXFD) for your free box.

You’re not committed to an ongoing delivery. In fact, if you don’t want any more, you can stop further deliveries as soon as you like. But from my experiences, I’m sure you’ll be as wowed by Graze as I was and many thousands of others.

This post provides an outline to how the Graze system works.

You can read more Graze reviews here.
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