Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Green & Black's Organic Mini Chocolate Bars

Green & Black’s are well known for their range of premium organic, Fairtrade chocolate bars. Their fine organic ingredients are ethically sourced to turn out some of the best tasting chocolates around.

They might be slightly pricier than other popular chocolate bars, but you know you won’t be disappointed when eating them.

Green & Black’s sell predominantly 100g bars but they also have mini and miniature selections in 15g and 35g sizes. If you haven't tried a particular variety of Green & Black's chocolate, the mini 35g size can be purchased individually, so are a good taster size.

The 35g bar selection includes: Organic Dark 70% Chocolate, Organic Milk Butterscotch Chocolate, Organic Dark Cherry Chocolate, Organic Milk Chocolate, Organic Milk Almond Chocolate and Organic Dark Ginger Chocolate.

Each 35g bar can be broken into 12 squares. Because the quality of the chocolate is so good, you only need a tiny piece to satisfy a chocolate craving. Of course, this means fewer calories so they could be a good choice for dieters or those trying to keep the calories down.

The number of calories in the varieties differ slightly from each other, but as an example, each square of the 35g Butterscotch variety has 15.75 calories and the entire bar has 189 calories.
Green & Black's 35g Butterscotch

Nutrition Information: Per 35g Butterscotch bar: 189 calories, 3.3g protein, 18.4g carbohydrates, 11.0g fat. Suitable for vegetarians.

Green & Black’s Organic chocolate bars are available in a wide variety of outlets selling confectionery. You can also buy them online in special collection packs including a Chocolate Lovers Collection and Miniature Bar Selection.


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