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Graze Box Review - Granola, Fig & Cherry Bake

Graze Box Delivery Date: 20 January 2012

Eek, Graze have just put their prices up from £3.49 to £3.79 per box. I only found this out when logging on to their site and was met with a pop up of Bruce Forsyth. It said something along the lines of ‘we’ve had to put our prices up but since you are a favourite, we’ve frozen yours at £3.49.'

While it's nice to feel special, the sceptic in me has an inkling it might just be a marketing ploy. It certainly worked, as a price hike so soon after joining may have hastened my decision to scale down the weekly deliveries.

Anyway, onto this week’s selection. Here’s what we got.

This week’s Graze box surprise contained two of our past favourites along with two new varieties.

Previously received and enjoyed was the ‘Apple and Cinnamon flapjack', a traditional rustic rolled-oat flapjack with the classic combination of apple slices and cinnamon and is reviewed in week 1 in this post.

Also sent was 'Rock the Casbah' - a mix of walnuts, dates and pumpkin seeds and my absolute favourite. This punnet was reviewed in week 3 here.

New for us to try out were ‘Fig and Cherry Bake’ and ‘Graze’s Perfect Seeded Granola’.
Graze Box Week 9

Fig and Cherry Bake 

This punnet contains a mixture of dried baby figs, dried cherries and whole pitted dried plums. Eating the whole snack provides one of the recommended ‘five a day’. The dried plums (prunes!) were fresh, soft and chewy with no trace of a stone. However, the dried baby figs were a little dry and cardboard like on the outside. After biting through the rather tough exterior, the inside was softer with nice crunchy seeds.

Not having come across baby dried figs before, I’m not sure whether they are supposed to be like this. There were only four in the pack and after eating a second, found I liked it a bit more as did two of my children. The dried cherries were an unusual combination of sharp and sweet, not unpleasant but not particularly to my taste. I’m afraid I’ll have to rate this as a BIN.

Calories for the punnet: 116
Fig and Cherry Bake

Graze’s Perfect Seeded Granola 

Lots of gorgeous seeds in this one. Graze’s Perfect Seeded Granola is a mix of jumbo oats, sultanas, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, honey, sunflower oil, coconut, maple syrup, sesame seeds, flax seeds, cinnamon, nutmeg and orange zest. Each individual ingredient in this mix tastes delicious on its own, especially the coconut. We wished there were more of these. In fact, this mix is like eating a crumbled up flapjack. Definitely a LOVE rating for this punnet.

Calories for the punnet: 185

Perfect Seeded Granola
This was a very enjoyable Graze box with three out of four snacks all rated as LOVE

It’s good to see the family so enthusiastic about the contents of the Graze boxes each week. I’ve discovered it’s useful leaving it open beside the fridge. This way, whenever they wander over to the fridge or cupboard searching for something to nibble on, they check out the Graze box first. The only problem is, one box isn’t enough for everyone. This involves a certain amount of rationing so no-one misses out.

Au revoir until next week.

In the meantime, if you'd like to try a Graze box for free, simply visit the website and enter the code 9HZTPXFB. This may be for a limited time only.


  1. i just got my first graze box via the post today and it really yummy and a great snacking tool since I'm on a diet.

    they've also given me a voucher code to give out to friends, just go to the website and claim a free box. if you don't like it just cancel online:


    i get £1 off my next box each time someone uses this code. yippee! happy grazing people.

  2. Hi, I just signed up to Graze, so looking forward to getting my first box!

    Anyone who wants to try this can get their first box free by using this code: 15Y1M14!

    Seriously, do try this!

  3. Another freebie box code if anyone wants to try one. 9VJ2ZWZ These Are seriously amazing snacks! X

  4. Graze is seriously addictive! Hope you're all enjoying your free Graze boxes.


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