Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Go Ahead! Fruit Bakes - Newest Varieties

If you’re already familiar with the Go Ahead! range of snacks, you may be surprised to see the Fruit Bakes boxes have been repackaged and are now sporting an eye catching 'NEW' symbol in the corner.

Apart from the Cherry variety which was launched last year, the other varieties - Apple, Raspberry, Strawberry and Apple & Blackcurrant have been around for some time.

The attention grabbing yellow flash on the top of each box contains the words ‘1 bake contains 1 portion of fruit’. United Biscuits (UK) who make Go Ahead! have ensured that all Fruit Bakes now contain one portion of fruit. And for those who are weight watching, all varieties have fewer than 132 calories.

What the box says: 

If you’re craving a treat, try a delicious Fruit Bake. These golden-baked treats are packed with a range of refreshing fruit flavoured fillings & encased in a delicious wheat biscuit and all under 132 calories. 

At Go Ahead! we know how difficult it can be to find great tasting snacks that can be enjoyed as part of a healthier lifestyle. That’s why we have carefully selected the perfect balance of ingredients to create a delicious range perfect for on the go.

The Strawberry Go Ahead! Fruit Bake contains the equivalent of at least 80g of fruit (from Apple, Strawberry and Elderberry) where 80g is equivalent to one portion of fruit.

Nutritionally, all Go Ahead! Fruit Bakes contain 13% of an adult's guideline daily recommended sugar intake. All varieties have 3g of fat, 0.7g of saturated fat and 0.2g of salt and all of them have 131 calories apart from the Raspberry which has 130 calories. They're suitable for vegetarians and contain no artificial colours or flavours.

Each box of Go Ahead! Fruit Bakes contains six golden baked bars which can be divided into three pieces. You can find them in the biscuits and cereal bars section of supermarkets.


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