Friday, 6 January 2012

Top 20 Food and Drink Lies (told by women)

According to a survey commissioned by Timex, British women tell 474 lies each year about the food they eat. That’s at least one lie a day.

The most common lie told is ‘It was only a small portion’ followed by ‘I’ll have a big lunch so I won’t eat much after this.’ Sound familiar?

Apparently chocolate is the food that’s most likely to compel women to fib. After this it’s crisps and cake. But what other ‘white’ lies are women most likely tell when it comes to the food they eat?

Top 20 most common food lies told by British women

1.       It was only a small portion
2.        I’ll have a big lunch so I won’t eat much after this
3.        I treat myself only once in a while
4.        I always eat my five-a-day
5.        I didn’t touch any of the biscuits
6.        I had only one glass
7.        I didn’t eat the last one
8.        I won’t eat again today after this
9.       I was too busy to have lunch
10.    I might as well polish them off now or they’ll go bad
11.  I had a healthy salad
12.  I never touch fast food
13. Red wine is good for you
14. I have only half a sugar
15. I limit my carb intake
16. I’m testing the dinner
17. I had a drink only because we were toasting an occasion
18. I drink only diet fizzy drinks
19. I just finished off the kids’ leftovers
20. I don’t drink tea after 5pm
Source: Daily Mail

This study, as reported in the Daily Mail and the Telegraph today, says the survey commissioned 3,000 Britons. Judging by these results, it would seem the survey was conducted among 3,000 British women. It would certainly be interesting to see a further breakdown of the ‘women’ questioned. For example, were these ‘lies’ told equally by all women, ie slim and overweight? Or were they told by those who were worried about their weight or on a diet? And who are they telling these lies to?

What about men? Do they have a similar love/hate/guilt relationship with food as women? I suspect the results might be quite different.

Dr Cassandra Maximenko, a chiropractor and athlete, said “This study proves we live in a nation of denial where image takes a higher priority than honesty and no one wants to be seen eating food they shouldn’t.”

The fact that women feel the need to lie about what they eat, is a sad indictment of the complex relationship with food many of us have today. We know that eating cakes, burgers and chocolate is unhealthy and can lead to weight gain. But these are the foods that we love to eat. They’ve become our guilty pleasure. And if we slip up in public, we feel we’ve been caught out. Hence the excuse or ‘lie’.

However, such ‘lies’ are sometimes told in good faith. We really do mean it when we say things like ‘I won’t eat again today after this’ but fail at the first sign of hunger (or food)! Also, many people, men and women, have a selective memory when it comes to what they eat. This often becomes apparent when they start filling in a food diary.

Maybe this denial of what we are really eating has its own part to play with the weight problems faced by  much of the population today.


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