Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Nestlé Aero Mint Chocolate Lamb

Here is an Aero Mint chocolate in the shape of a lamb. These, along with several other ‘Easter’ chocolates, started making their appearance in the stores as soon as the New Year rolled in. As if dieters aren't faced with enough of a challenge after the Christmas celebrations!

Each Aero Mint Chocolate lamb has 146 calories which seems like a lot as they’re quite small. Still, this is fewer calories than a full Aero Mint bar which has 233 calories.

At first glance this chocolate mint lamb looks quite cute, but there’s something a little unsettling about it. We might be used to eating chocolate chicks and bunnies, but eating a lamb may take some getting used to.

Lambs are a symbol of springtime so the thought of eating one doesn’t translate easily to a chocolate treat. Or perhaps they’re meant to signify Easter, being reborn or something? Then again, is it just clever marketing, making a play on words with the classic meat dish combination of ‘lamb with mint sauce’?

Getting down to the business of opening the packet, the lamb inside is endearingly cute, with a smiley face surrounded by lots of chunky chocolate bubbly bits representing his wool. You don’t need to bite his head off right away. You can start sheering his ‘wool’ by nibbling the chocolate bubbles around the outside. 

Once that’s done, you’re well into enjoying the delicious chocolate mint inside and you’ve all but forgotten it’s a lamb at all!

Nestlé Aero Mint Chocolate lamb is available in stores now.


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