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Graze Box Review - Herb Garden, Banoffee Pie

Graze Box Delivery Date: 6 January 2012

This week’s Graze box contained some familiar snacks. If I’ve seen them before, I can be sure I’ve rated them either LOVE or LIKE, so there won’t be any disappointment with the contents. 

The favourites this week includeed: ‘Fruit and Seed Flapjack’ and ‘Hickory Smoked Nuts and Seeds’ plus two new snacks to try.

Together with the Fruit and Seed Flapjacks reviewed here and the Hickory Smoked Nuts and Seeds reviewed here, this week's nibble box contained 'The Herb Garden' and 'Banoffee Pie'.

Graze Nibble Box 6 January

 Fruit and Seed Flapjack, Hickory Smoked Nuts & Seeds,
The Herb Garden and Banoffee Pie

The Herb Garden 

The Herb Garden is a selection of herb and onion peanuts, baked herb bites and oregano rice crackers. I was intrigued to find out what the herb and onion peanuts were, being more familiar with the ready salted or caramelised variety. In fact, they aren’t recognisable as a peanut. The outside of the nut is covered with a crisp wheat and rice flour outer shell which is speckled with tiny bits of parsley. This shell is flavoured with various spices including garlic, onion and curcumin. The outer shell is tasty enough to eat on its own, but the flavour combination works very well with the nut inside.

The baked herb bites are quite unusual. They’re made mainly from rice and flavoured with soy sauce and a range of herbs and spices. These golden bites look like tiny bits of fried batter. Of course they’re not fried as they're baked, but you can detect a small amount of the bran oil (an ingredient) when eating them. Oregano is the overriding flavour and they’re very crunchy and irresistibly tasty.

The oregano rice crackers are wonderfully light and crunchy with a delicate dusting of seasoning on the outside. This is made from a combination of soy sauce with oregano, again the main flavour. This punnet was absolutely delicious. Everyone wanted more of this one. Unfortunately, my daughter couldn’t wait for me to sample them and ate half the punnet before I had a chance of taking the photograph. Hence, the rather frugal looking portion shown below. This is also one of the lowest calorie snacks in the range - always a plus point for me. This gets a rating of ‘LOVE.

Calories for the punnet: 91.

The Herb Garden

Banoffee Pie 

Most people are probably aware that a real banoffee pie is highly calorific, and not in the least bit healthy. But this clever mix from Graze is a new variety which is made up from pecan nuts, banana coins, real fudge pieces and almond slices, all for just 159 calories. As soon as the lid is peeled back, an irresistibly sweet, nutty banana smell bursts out, tempting you to get started. The almond slices and pecan nuts are fresh and crunchy while the banana coins are soft and chewy. If you pop a fudge piece in at the same time as the banana, there’s an uncanny resemblance to a banoffee pie taste. Nothing to not like here, and everyone enjoyed. Another ‘LOVE’ rating.

Calories for the punnet: 159.

Banoffee Pie

The total Graze box calorie count for this week is 685.

Together with the nutritional breakdown of the Graze box contents, this week’s enclosed leaflet also outlined some of the key benefits of fibre. For example, how eating natural fibre-rich foods like nuts, seeds and fruit can help regulate blood sugar levels and keep the digestive system in tune.

They also mention that most Graze punnets contain fibre-rich foods and that almonds have the highest fibre content of any nut. It may explain why almonds feature in many Graze selection mixes.

Until next week…

If you want to try a Graze box for free, simply visit the website and enter the code 9HZTPXFB. This may be for a limited time only.

More Graze reviews here.

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  1. Awesome! I've been wanting to try their Banoffee Pie one for a while. Just finished polishing off the Herb Basket one and I can totally vouch for the oregano rice crackers being delish!


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