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Graze Box Review - Banana Split, Berry Detox

Graze Box Delivery Date: 23 December 2011 

Thanks to the combined efforts of and the Post Office, my Graze nibble box was delivered once again on the allotted day. And this was just two days before Christmas.
Taking a quick peek inside I can see I have three new selections and the Apple & Cinnamon Flapjacks. I received these in my first ever Graze box. As they were devoured before everything else I gave them a ‘LOVE’ rating on my online account. This means ‘please send regularly’.

Here’s a look at what else was inside this week’s Graze box:

Banana Split 

Banana Split is an interesting combination of cashew nuts, banana coins and milk chocolate covered puffed rice. We all love cashew nuts and these were fresh and crunchy and were eaten pretty fast. The banana coins were a bit of a surprise as I was expecting them to be crunchy. But these banana coins are soft and chewy, like regular dried fruit. Unfortunalty, they weren’t really enjoyed by anyone in my house.

I was intrigued to see whether the chocolate covered puffed rice were really Cocoa Pops. But in fact, they bear little resemblance to a breakfast cereal at all. These tiny bits of crunchy, puffed rice are covered in a thin layer of real dark chocolate. Dark chocolate contains beneficial antioxidants, which is why they're part of the nibble box. Naturally the kids went for these first, but there were plenty to go round. (LIKE).

Banana Split

Calories for the punnet: 174.

Super Berry Detox 

This mixture is made up of green raisins, cranberries, blueberries and goji berries. Having read a lot about the wonders of the goji berry and its superfood qualities, I was happy to have the chance of a taste test. They are red, small and chewy with a slight crunch. It’s an unusual taste, sweet but not overly so. Green raisins are also supposed to be exceptionally good for you. To me, they taste much like regular raisins. The cranberries and blueberries were fresh tasting and nice and sweet. Blueberries are small when they’re fresh, so in dried form, they’re teeny.

The Super Berry Detox punnet is given an ‘apple’ mark which means eating this snack counts for one of the recommended five portions of fruit and veg a day. This is an interesting and colourful mix and I felt quite virtuous munching on them. But not being a berry fan, it wasn’t one of my favourites. The rest of the family got through them happily, especially my daughters. This means they’re being kept on the list. (LIKE).

Super Berry Detox
Taken from the Graze site (my photo was blurred)

Calories for the punnet: 129

Savoury Roasted Seeds 

After the sweet, vanilla sunflower and pumpkin seeds last week, this week we had then in savoury form. This was a whole punnet full of roasted sunflower and pumpkin seeds, flavoured with soya sauce. This is the sort of nibble that is so easy to eat in large quantities. Those minuscule looking seeds, full of healthy nutrients are deceptively high in calories. This little punnet was worth 196 calories. This is why portion control is so important when munching on this type of snack. The trick is to eat them one at a time, but maybe that’s taking it a bit far! Everyone loved these so we’ll definitely have these again. (LOVE)

Savoury Roasted Seeds

Calories for the punnet: 196.

The total Graze box calorie count for this week is 741 calories (including 242 calories for the apple and cinnamon flapjacks).

Well, it’s been five weeks now of consecutive Graze deliveries and we’ve all been enjoying the experience. Of course, now I’ve started noticing the weekly deduction from the bank account totting up, I’m having to think about whether I should stick with a weekly delivery. I think I’ll wait until I’ve received everything on my TRY list before making that decision. Here’s to next week…

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